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Endgames Elements

 1.? +-   1...?=
1. Square of passed pawn
Evaluation to this positions depends on queues of move. Consider it at the move white. 
1.g4 (Even in end game does not follow to forget on right of double move of pawn) 1...Kb4 2.g5 Kc5 3.g6 Kd6 4.g7 Ke7 5.g8Q,  and victory. 
But now at the move black. 
1...Kb4 (1...Kb3=) 2.g4 Kc5 3.g5 Kd6 4.g6 Ke7 5.g7 Kf7=, but here tie up. 
For the simplicity a calculation chess-players use "rule of square". From the pawn follows imaginative to build a square with diagonal g3-b8 and remember: if king cost (stand)s in the square or under its move falls into it, the pawn unaided in queens field does not pass. 
Home task. 
Value position after 1...Kb3 2.Kb1. 
1999 june 22 18:00
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